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Smart Helper

Smart Helper is to help elderly who living alone to avoid accidents, it also allows users to go out and work without worrying about things at home. The product will use a small exploration vehicle to shuttle through the home or even a larger space to monitor whether there is abnormal high temperature in the home. Once abnormal high temperature is found, it will immediately activate the built-in phone (old 2G mobile phone) and call the relevant People provide immediate support. The function of the omni-directional monitor (i) Line patrol (light-sensitive sensor) or free patrol (infrared sensor) can walk or patrol freely along the ground without rushing and touching. (ii) Built-in temperature sensor When the room temperature is abnormally high, a fire alarm may occur, immediately touch the mobile phone's quick key, dial to notify the householder or send a designated short message. 1/2(iii) Computer control (using the Internet and programs) A computer can be used to control the lens of the monitor, and use the Internet to monitor the situation at home at any time. Can look after the elders and children in the family to prevent accidents. (iv) The mobile phone can switch home appliances. If the operator forgets to switch off the appliance, he can activate the motion detector to switch off the appliance through the Internet to avoid wasting power and accidents.
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