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R-22.2 Smart Bicycle

R-22.2 is a comprehensive training bike that can be connected to virtual reality. It is especially suitable for people with lower limbs, knee, and wrist injuries to train lower limb muscles. The patented sliding seat design provides a stable backrest for the rehabilitation person, which can support the back of the rehabilitation person, reduce the load on the back, and bring all-around protection to avoid injury. The oblique sitting posture, combined with the adjustable step-less tilt angle seat, allows the user to effectively extend the feet forward and move without impact on the elliptical trajectory, reducing the pressure on the knees, and exercising in the most natural sitting posture. In addition, the bicycle handle is equipped with a hand sensor to monitor the user's heart rate. In addition, the adjustable pedal design helps the user to fix the ankle position to protect the ankle during exercise. R-22.2 also has quick control keys and an interactive screen, so users can easily adjust the exercise intensity. The interactive screen also has a built-in WIFI function, so users can watch videos and listen to music through the built-in "Youtube" App while training. In addition, the therapist can also monitor and evaluate the progress of rehabilitation patients through the app "zwift". The therapist can also formulate a personalized training process for each person in response to the rehabilitation status of the person who is recovering. After each training session, there will be a detailed training report, such as training time, distance, and the number of heartbeats per minute. (RPM), training level, incline, watts, speed, calories, target heart rate and odometer, etc. And the App also has built-in different cycling competitions to increase the rehabilitation of the rehabilitation people's investment in treatment. Make the rehabilitation process easier and more enjoyable.
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