Speakers' Profile

Dr   Ichiro  Amimori
Dr Ichiro Amimori

Co-founder and CEO, Xenoma Inc., Japan

Mrs   Sue  Cawthray
Mrs Sue Cawthray

National Chair, the National Association of Care Catering (NACC); and 

CEO, Harrogate Neighbours, UK

Mr  Jan Inge Ebbesvik
Mr Jan Inge Ebbesvik

President, Road Worlds for Seniors, Motitech AS, Norway 

Ms Keren  Etkin
Ms Keren Etkin

Founder, TheGerontechnologist; and

Co-founder and VP of Product, Clanz, Israel 

Ms  Alison  Harrington
Ms Alison Harrington

Founder and CEO, Moove & Groove, Australia

Mr   Adam  Jahnke
Mr Adam Jahnke

CEO, Umps Health, Australia

Prof Jeffrey  Kaye
Prof Jeffrey Kaye

Director, Oregon Center for Aging & Technology (ORCATECH), Oregon Health & Science University, USA

Dr  Hester le Riche
Dr Hester le Riche

Co-founder and CEO, Active Cues, The Netherlands

Mr   Etsuaki  Morikawa
Mr Etsuaki Morikawa

President, Good Time Living Co., Ltd., Japan 

Dr Henk Herman  Nap
Dr Henk Herman Nap

Expert and Coordinator eHealth, Vilans – Dutch Expertise Centre on Long-Term Care, the Netherlands

Mrs Laurie  M. Orlov
Mrs Laurie M. Orlov

Principal Analyst, Aging and Health Technology Watch, USA

Mr Peter  Saraga
Mr Peter Saraga

President, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Association

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