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[oplate] Elder Interactive Cognitive Trainer - Black Small Disc Second Generation (6 pieces/group)

【oplate】Portable cognitive training exerciser (6pcs/module) Two Motor Control Training programmes: Hand Rotation: The user has to rotate the discs to the specific angles and hold. Distance Detection: Three Reaction Training Programmes: 1.Light and Hit: The user has to pat the disc when the light shown on the disc. The reaction time will be recorded in the Apps . 2.Little competition: Multiple players, each play has their represented colour. They have to pat or shake the disc in order to change the disc colours to their own. 3.Colour Pat: Multiple Players: The discs will show maximum 6 colour and the players have to pat the disc with pre-set colour. Two Memory Training Programmes Second Generation Upgraded Function If the small black disc is disassembled, the warranty will be expired. Please carefully handle the battery. One lithium battery is included in the small black disc, please do not try to open or repair the battery. Prevent using under rainy or moist conditions. Keep the disc in dry and cool conditions, and keep away from water or other liquid, to prevent short circuit. Use the small black disc at temperatures ranging from 0 -40 degree Celsius Be aware of the surroundings while in use of the black discs, to ensure safeness. The small black disc can withstand normal hitting or stepping, but please do not use hard or sharp objects to knock or let it fall from height The centre of the disc is a small piece of infrared penetration film, please keep it clean When using under sunlight, the infrared sensor may be disturbed. The shell of the black disc is very tough, please prevent children from getting hurt
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