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“Sisyfox” is a multidimensional game. With a large stability ball as input medium it stimulates arm, shoulder girdle and torso muscles as well as trains motion sequences. Sisyfox priority purpose for patients is fun, providing vitalization and long motivation during the treatment. To avoid losing the ball on steep hillsides and narrow paths, the connection between visual and motor motion control, intramuscular and intermuscular coordination as well as balance, speed and persistence are required! Through its multimedia interaction, Sisyfox could provide the range of motion exercise and through other games to train the concentration, coordination, orientation and neurological skills and enhance persistence and strengthen muscles. Sisyfox can be used in prevent, curative and physical therapy whether in the physiological practice to treat shoulder, arm as well as cervical and spinal syndromes or the occupational therapy to support visual-motor and psychomotor skills.
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