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DyCare Lynx Digital evaluation tools for musculoskeletal problem patients

1. ROM - Quantitatively analyze the range of movement (ROM) of junctions - Measure with two small bluetooth wireless sensors for motion range - Portable solution - Precision with a resolution of 0.1 degree - Built-in protocols for different joints ROM measurements - Allow users customized measurements - Real-time recording - Provide position and Speed graphs - Report with progress comparison and progress trend after treatment 2. Dynamo - Quantitatively measure muscle strength with a force gauge - Measurement of stress up to 100 kg - Measure the time to reach the maximum load - Measure the maintenance time of the maximum load - Precision with a resolution of 0.1 kg - Allow isometric, concentric and eccentric measurements 3. DyCare ReHUB Remote Interactive and Offline Exercise Platform - Allow clinicians prepare a personalized home exercise program, tailored specifically to each patient’s condition - Allow clinicians to interact with patients remotely for rehabilitation exercises in real time via internet platform - Clinicians can adjust the personalized home exercise program based on patient’s progress via internet platform - Allow clinicians to analyze patients rehabilitation exercises performance offline via internet platform - Clinicians can provide feedback or advice to patients offline via internet platform - Only with internet connection, patients can perform exercise anytime and anywhere
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